X-Message-Number: 19179
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 21:56:54 -0700
From: "John Grigg" <>
Subject: A correction & some humor...

The Ascender Alliance post originally was used on the extropian list.  They are 
the list where some individuals are concerned about neo-nazi infiltration.

Below is a humorous post I wrote to help out the extropians...

best wishes,


On Wed, 29 May 2002, Giu1i0 Prisc0 wrote:
> Infiltration is a very old and well established technique to harm the enemy,
> and there are experts out there.

Eugene Leitl replied:
Would seem to backfire, if there's an archive covering the whole log. Just
go back, and see who keeps reintroducing the idiot memes. Myself, I 
atribute this to Hanlon's (Heinlein's) law.

In true David Letterman fashion I have come up with a "ten top list" 
to show the best ways to detect neonazi's on the extrolist! 

1.  They love to write posts about reengineering the entire solar 
system mass into the shape of a giant swatzika!!

2.  They will not stop defending the idea that Adolph Hitler was 
simply a very misunderstood guy!!  

3.  They attend an Extro wearing Nazi SS uniforms!  When confronted 
about this, they claim to be Star Trek fans who loved the episode 
where an alien planet mimics the ways of historic earth!

4.  While other sci-fi fans adore the Klingons or the Minbari, the 
NeoNazi's just can't stop mentioning how cool the Nieztscheans are 
from the tv show 'Andromeda!'   

5.  While attending an Extro, they instigate a vicious brawl with 
members of Ascender's Alliance!!  A blitzkrieg wheelchair attack 
crushes the life out of the neonazi's.  This saves Greg Burch from 
having to give them an "old fashioned TEXAS-SIZED ass whuppin'!!"    
6.  They like to pick on Harvey Newstrom and Eliezer Yudkowsky for 
the same reasons Nazi's of old would have.  After Harvey makes a 
phone call to some government "friends" they all disappear...  

7.  Damien Broderick REALLY dislikes them before the rest of us 

even really know who they are!  And he lets us know it with many very sardonic 

8.  Dr. J. Hughes interviews them on his show for some needed controversy!!  

9. They say "The Boys from Brazil" is their favorite film, and the 
Hitler cloning idea is worth trying no matter what the odds of getting 
someone with a similar personality!  

10.  They are discovered to have a secret fundraising effort going to upload 
David Duke!

Bonus reasons!!

11.  They hint on the list how horrifying it is that a "true aryan" 

like Anders could POSSIBLY discuss introducing the genes of other species into 
our own!!

12.  None of them are signed up for cryonics because they don't 

want to live in a time where "things just ain't the way they are supposed to 

Mel Brooks once said in an interview the reason he loved to spoof 
Hitler was to tear apart the "mystique" of Nazism.  

best wishes,

John : )

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