X-Message-Number: 19327
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 14:30:13 EDT
Subject: Re: CryoNet #19316 - #19322

As a further observation and follow-up on the question of restarting 
electical activity I recall a remarkable program on CBS's '60 Minutes' which 
showed a person being cooled down to a point where the heart stopped, 
allowing the surgeons to remove a brain embolism at zero blood pressure.  
After the procedure, the body was gradually reheated and the heart began to 
beat spontaneously at a certain temperature which i seem to recall was about 
70 degrees F. It was an amazing program which I thought might give a big 
boost to cryonics.  The patient showed no ill effects from the procedure 
whatever and it was life-saving.  I also gathered that it was not an 
experiment but rather close to standard of care at that particular hospital 
whose identity I don't recall.
Changing subject, congratulations to Mike Darwin for his marvelous review of 
Six Feet Under and thanks for the additional background.  I absolutely agree 
with everything he says as does my non-cryonics-supporting wife who just said 
to me "right on target" after reading it.  Alan Ball is definitely some kind 
of genius and 'American Beauty' is one of the best movies ever made, right up 
there with Citizen Kane.  However, I fear we might not like what he would do 
with us with a Cryonics episode on SFU.  Ron Havelock

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