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From: "Mark" <>
Subject: Pledge of Allegiance Controversy
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 07:49:32 -0400

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     For those of you who often puzzle over why more people are not signing up 
     for cryonic suspension, I believe the recent controversy over the Pledge of
     Allegiance is very telling.  Heaven forbid (no pun intended) we should 
     insist on what the Constitution guarantees us, Separation of church and 
     state.  This most recent ruling about the Pledge of Allegiance being 
     unconstitutional has brought all of the card carrying Christians out of the
     woodwork.  I have heard it repeated several times by now (the day after 
     the ruling) that most Americans are Christians.   There my friends is your 
     answer as to why more people don't sign up for cryonic suspension, It's not
     because people are worried about whether or not cryonics will actually 

     Let me use one of my favorite analogies to explain why I believe more 
     people aren't signing up.  When the Titanic set sail, no one seemed to care
     about the lifeboats.  Why should they worry about the lifeboats, after all
     they were on a unsinkable ship, they didn't need lifeboats.  Christians 
     have no need for the lifeboat of Cryonics  there ship won't sink either, 
     they are merely going to be transformed from one form of existence to 
     another.  The second form supposedly being far superior to the first.  

     Until modern day Christians are made to think seriously about what I like 
     to call the "what if" scenario in which there is no God or Heaven, they 
     will continue to have little concern about what Cryonics has to offer.  The
     outlook for most Christians changing their positions on their own is not 
     good.  Lets face it, death is not a lot of fun to think about and most 
     people simply choose not to.  They don't want to think about the question, 
     what if their is no God or Heaven.  That is why I believe it is our 
     responsibility as cryonicsts to make everyone think about the "what if" 

    Cryonicists owe it to humanity to keep them from blithely drifting off into 
    oblivion.  In fact, we need as many people as we can get,  because we all 
    know there will be greater strength and ultimately success of cryonics if we
    have greater numbers.  I am very tired of the diplomatic approach that so 
    many have suggested when dealing with those who have not signed up for 
    cryonic suspension.  Those who have not signed up, especially Christians, 
    need to be hit and hit hard with the "what if" question.  In fact, they need
    to have it put to them so bluntly, that their blood runs cold and terror 
    fills their hearts like the though of death does to the rest of us.  Lets go
    everybody its time to load the ark! 

Mark Buddle


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