X-Message-Number: 19350
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 10:05:28 -0400
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: CryoNet #19345 - #19348

Hi everyone!

This is really a message about whether or not Bush's speech was 
entirely on the side of Israel. The entire speech was broadcast here
in Australia, not doubt because Australians are interested in what
goes on in the US. 

At one point Bush referred to two UN resolutions and said that Israel
must fulfil them. Yes, this was a somewhascure reference, but
(from my memory; I want to actually look them up!) they told ISAEL
that it must withdraw from all the settlements Israelis have made
on the Palestinian territory. Perhaps I am wrong about this, and
it was not said a clearly as I would have liked. However it is
WRONG to claim that his speech laid no requirements on Israel.

The two sides in this fight naturally decided to emphasize different
points about his speech. It's to the political advantage of the 
Palestinians to argue that Bush was entirely against them. If
anyone knows of these two resolutions, however, it would be the
Palestinians. And they would probably be the last to raise this

Just a comment about Bush's speech. And if I'm wrong about the
UN resolutions he cited, then you show me that by giving the
resolutions and what they say, not just by saying I am wrong,
a Bush zealot, etc etc.

			Best wishes and long long life to all,

				Thomas Donaldson

PS: Ideally all the 3rd parties to this dispute should step
aside and let the Israelis and Palestinians work out their 
problems entirely by themselves. Unfortunately that probably
won't happen. It's not that they'd make a solution we'd all
consider to be a good one... there is no truly good solution.
That's part of the problem.

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