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Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 11:13:03 EDT
Subject: off topic

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Stodolsky wrote in part:

"while the Palestinians are being tortured and killed (with full support of 
the Bush regime...")

This is pretty off-topic, and I dislike mixing miscellaneous politics into 
cryonics, but this kind of crap really irritates me.

1. The Arab hatred of Israel and the Jews did not begin in 1967. That 
war--and the others before and after--was the RESULT of Arab hatred, not the 

2. The suicide/homicide attacks are not the result of bad living conditions. 
The 9/11 bombers were mostly Saudis, led by a billionaire, from a country not 
poor and not occupied. The Japanese Kamikaze pilots were not poor or occupied 
either. The Palestinian kids who kill themselves and murder others do it 
because that insanity is glorified by their culture and encouraged by a large 
majority of their people. 

Robert Ettinger


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