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Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 12:43:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dani Kollin <>
Subject: The Bush 'regime' and Palestinan 'torture'

> while the Palistinians
> are being tortured and
> killed (with full support of the Bush Regime), you
> can only wonder whether
> there is any judgement being exercised by the key
> figures in the U.S.
> government at all.

This type of claptrap brings my blood to a boil.

It is not the Israelis sending homicide bombers into
crowded buses, marketplaces and restuarants filled
with senior citizens and toddlers. It is not the
Israelis who say the Holocaust never happened. It is
not the Israelis who have elimnated the map of Israel
from their officially PA sanctioned school textbooks,
It is not the Israelis who call for million marytr
marches. It is the Palestinians.

And it's not about the settlements. All this cultural
brainwashing and violence was going on well before the
first settlement was ever established. The Arabs don't
want the Jews around period. Camp David was evidence
enough of that rather salient fact. It's about the
desire of despotic, tyrannical regimes (Syria, Iran,
Iraq and the PA to name but a few) to eliminate 'evil'
Western ones.
The Bush administration, now more than ever,
understands that you don't negotiate with terrorists
you eliminate them. 

So I'd say David, that very good judgement is being
'exercised' by the Bush adminsration while very poor
judgement is being exercised by you.

Dani Kollin

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