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Subject: Ok, it's finally time for my two cents [part three]
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David wrote:

"The speech was basically telling the Palestinians that they have to
democratically select a knew leader, as long as it's one that is acceptable
to the Bush Regime. Sounds like Afganistan, and a few other places

Since it is the declared policy of the Bush Regime to get rid of the
current leader of Irag, and there is no way that this is going to be
supported by the Arab states, while the Palestinians are being tortured and
killed (with full support of the Bush Regime), you can only wonder whether
there is any judgement being exercised by the key figures in the U.S.
government at all."

David, dear friend, if you really think the Palestinians deserve any slack you 
should read Howard Bloom's "The Lucifer Principle" especially the paragraph 
found here.



"   "Man's greatest good fortune is to chase and defeat his enemy, seize his 
total possessions,

    leave his married women weeping and wailing, ride his gelding (and) use the 
    bodies of his
    women as a nightshirt and support." Genghis Khan

    "He butchered three of them with an ax and decapitated them. In other words,
    instead of

    using a gun to kill them he took a hatchet to chop their heads off. He 
    struggled face to face

    with one of them, and throwing down his ax managed to break his neck and 
    devour his flesh in

    front of his comrades. ...I ...award him the Medal of the Republic." General
    Mustafa Tlas, Syria's

    Minister of Defense praising a hero of the 1973 war with Israel before the 
    Syrian National

    "Appeasing of governments which revel in slaughter is an invitation to 
    worldwide catastrophe."
    Fang Lizhi "

Two thousand three hundred years ago a Greek who even his fellow Greeks called a
conquered the entire Persian Empire. His name was Alexander the Great.

The whole thing was as unlikely as the Vietnamese turning around and conquering 
the U.S. But it
happened. In fact, in history it happens over and over again.

It happened in 1870 when the French were forced to fight a country which just a 
few years earlier had

been a disorganized clutter of rag-tag mini-states ruled by comic opera princes.
The land of Napoleon

was rated by every armchair general as the mightiest military force on the 
Continent. But France lost. Its

army was chopped up like ground round. Its glorious capital, Paris, faced the 
humiliation of a foreign

army marching down its streets. The upstart nation that had brought France to 
its knees was... Germany.

An equally surprising fate occurred to England when it trained its guns on the 
superpowers of its day in

two world wars. When the smoke had cleared, two backward nations of 
Johnny-come-latelies ended up

dominating the world. These countries, whose inhabitants had usually been 
regarded as just one small
step above the primitive, were The United States and Russia.

The moral is simple. Never forget the pecking order's surprises. Today's 
superpower is tomorrow's

conquered state. Yesterday's overlooked mob is often the ruler of tomorrow. 
Never underestimate the
third world. Never be complacent about barbarians.

Some readers will be outraged by my presumption. How dare I regard any
group as barbaric. What appalling ethnocentrism! There are no barbarians.
There are simply cultures we haven't taken the time to understand. Cultures to
whom we haven't given sufficient aid. Cultures in need of development.
Beneath the skin, all men and women are the same. They have the same
needs, the same emotions, and the same ideals. If you simply took those folks
you speak of so contemptuously out for a cup of coffee, you would discover
that they are just like you and me.

But there are barbarians--people whose cultures glorify the act of murder, and
elevate violence to a holy deed. These cultures portray the extinction of other
human beings as a validation of manliness, a heroic gesture in the name of
truth, or simply a good way to get ahead in the world. " [continued]

After I read this article I had to wonder do we and our leadership have the 
intestinal fortitude to meet the enemy even on equal ground. What do you do with
governments and countries made of people that revere only brutality and are 
from birth sworn to your destruction... Coddle them?

Have no delusions that peace can be made with people that teach their young to 
hate us and all that our freedom, free market and democracy have brought us. 
These are the mother of all luddites! They won't be happy, their holy book will 
not allow them to be so, until everyone is an ignorant sheep herder on bended 
knee to Allah.

The Palestinians do not deserve a state of their own on land that never belonged
to them in the first place. Let's face it the Romans never managed to push ALL 
the Jews out of Israel but the remainders were pushed aside by the Moslems. 
Palestinians come from Jordan. Even if Jordan is an ally we should make them 
handle what is really their problem rather than take anything away from the 

No one that indiscriminantly kills innocent children, including their own 
through dysfunctional teaching, deserve validation of their terrorist acts by 
giving them land. Everyone should read Howard Bloom's article at the url above.

For the record I have nothing against any race of people anywhere. I love all 
peoples and hope for a truly peaceful world where we all enjoy the benefits of 
technology and a healthy Earth. I do have plenty against religions that teach 
violence including the one I was brought up with. It goes without saying that 
those that preach such religions and beliefs deserve my disdain.

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