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Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 08:57:03 EDT
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Robert Ettinger said:
> 2. The suicide/homicide attacks are not the result of bad living 
> conditions. 
> The 9/11 bombers were mostly Saudis, led by a billionaire, from a country 
> not 
> poor and not occupied. The Japanese Kamikaze pilots were not poor or 
> occupied 
> either. The Palestinian kids who kill themselves and murder others do it 
> because that insanity is glorified by their culture and encouraged by a 
> large 
> majority of their people. 
> Robert Ettinger
Saudis are not poor, they are not free neither: here is the problem. They 
people are oppressed, so they turn to violent and bad actions. The root of 
that problem is the anti democratic nature of their government. That 
gov-religious block turns these pulsion aways from them to foreign 
*invaders*: US and the like. Here in France we have the same problem with the 
military corupt oil-feed power in Algeria. We buy oil, we give money and arms 
and get hate and bombs in return. That is politics :-(

About palestinians: an endless war is good for rullers on both side, this is 
the best way to maintain a dictature. For Israel, it is too an insurance not 
to have to give a part of the region scarce water. The true raison d'etre of 
most colonnies is to be able to bore water wells under paestinian noze. In 
fifty years, when there will be no more water, Isral will discover that it 
can expand on its desert side and use sea water to make costy fresh one. 
Until that, war will continue for reigious purposes, it don't dry out until 
the last well does the same.

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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