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> PS: Ideally all the 3rd parties to this dispute should step
> aside and let the Israelis and Palestinians work out their 
> problems entirely by themselves. Unfortunately that probably
> won't happen. It's not that they'd make a solution we'd all
> consider to be a good one... there is no truly good solution.
> That's part of the problem.
Since politics is being injected into this cryonics usenet, I will inject the 
philosophies of millions of people in the country.  I think it would be 
wonderful if the 3rd parties (the US, Europe, Arab Countries, etc.) would 
butt out of the conflict.  This way, Israel can go in and destroy all the 
terrorist strongholds in the West Bank and Gaza, without worrying about the 
rest of the world wringing their hands and crying about 'all those poor 
Palestinians', and forgetting about the horror done against the Israeli 
citizens by the terrorists.  

Imagine if the Israeli army said, from here on in, if a 'shaheed', or suicide 
bomber kills another Israeli, than his family will be executed on the spot.  
You can bet the terrorism, and the subsequent glorification of the young 
Muslim bomber smiling at the thought of killing more Jews will stop, if he 
knows his brothers and sisters will be executed shortly thereafter.

Gruesome?  Of course.  Will Israel lose the so-called moral high ground?  
Probably, but then, its so-called moral high ground has gone hand in hand 
with the huge increase in anti-semitism throughout the world.   Then, and 
only then, perhaps can a dialogue can begin, when the young Islamic 
militants, who yearn to go to Allah so he can screw his 72 virgins in heaven, 
will think twice, knowing his sisters, brothers, and especially his mom, will 
be mowed down the day after by the IDF in righteous retribution.

So you are right- lets have ALL the countries 'bug off', and let the 
Palestinians and Israelis do what they have to do... and we'll finally have 



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