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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: The Cryonics Market
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 10:22:02 -0700

David Stodolsky's offer of a marketing survey approach is clearly worth

> I didn't get a single request for this paper, which I think is crucial for
> effective marketing of cryonics.

I personally did not request the paper as I am overwhelmed time wise and
would only be curious in regard to the conclusions, which David already
summarized.  The conclusions make sense to me.

My only other suggestion in this regard at this time, however, is that I
understand that the neo-mummification business continues to attract
customers.  I am referring to people who choose to have their bodies
mummified in ways similar to the practices of the anceint Egyptians.  As
this costs MORE than cryonics and yet offers NO promises in regard to
survival, it looks to me that this is a niche worth examining in greater
detail.  Why exactly do mummification customers buy this "dead end"
alternative?  How many mummification customers are there out there?

It may very well be that this niche market is close to zero.  I do not know.
However, THESE people are not the least concerned with survival, only bodily
preservation.  Cryonics certainly offers preservation as well and with that
possiblity of "The Mummy Returns".

Does anyone know anything about this issue?

Just my opinion,

George Smith
CI member

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