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Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 10:21:40 EDT
Subject: note on investment and the accountancy collapse 

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John de Rivaz said:

>What does need to be avoided is the pressures that inevitably
>mount to "sell because the end of the world is nigh" or to give in to other
>pressures to raise money. 

I have seen that Worldcom shares had fallen from $ 50 to 10 cents... Do you 
think it is time to buy it? After all, even if it get back to 20 percent of 
its original value by 2005, it would be a 1250 percent/year investment...

In France we have the "interesting" France telecom at less than 10 
euros/share, a value divided by 20 in less than 2 years. Then there is the 
number two of the com. industry: Vivendi-Universal managed by the french 
financial genius Jean-Marie Messier (J2M) down from Olympic high to 

Be poor, I have not lost too much on the stock market, Many find now that 
real estate is best and here prices are up. I have a better place in this 
domain, so that my capital has grown in the past two years. Even with a long 
run view, I think the speculative stock market is a bad place to put money. I 
don't understand why that evanescent market must be better than real estate.

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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