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Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 10:21:21 EDT
Subject: Investment

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> note on investment and the accountancy collapse 
As pointed out by John deRivaz, the present bear market is not the first nor 
the last in history. Neverthless, I think there may be a new element:

Technological values and more precisely communication ones have been 
particularly hit hard. There may be a particular reason: capitalists have 
seen the Internet as the Inter-market-net, on the other hand, most users have 
seen it as a new free space.  For each paid product we have seen a similar or 
better free one. I'll take two examples:

1/ Music was a fat lazy cat, it is always that, but now pirate copies using 
mp3 are more and more common. Majors fight back, the last episode is the fall 
of AudioGalaxy, but that is only the start signal for another source located 
in Eastern Europe and a promotion for Guntela clones. This market is doomed, 
even if there is a tax on hard disk or DVD Rw.

2/ Windows:  I see my own case: I have bought DOS 5, DOS 6, Windows 3.1, 
Win95, and Win 98. Lately, I have started to use the free BeOS, in some 
months I'll upgrade to a new computer. My choice will be then to buy Windows 
XP or use the free, more powerfull Linux. An emulator will take into account 
my hold Win98 software. My choice is nearly done, I'll let Microsoft and move 
to UNIX environment.

I could add more example: When working with picture I use Pixia and The 
Guimp, both free, not Photoshop. Some years ago, my big wordprocessor was a 
paid copy of Wordperfect, now I have a complete suite, open Office, free and 
a small word processor, AbiWord, downloaded free.

More and more products are free, the information age escapes the market 
world. TV will be the next casuality with generalized video streaming, five 
years from now. Next will be the material products. Right now, a group gives 
astronomy CCD cameras in exchange for software writting and data processing. 
You are interested in the subject: You get the hard ware... This is the start 
of a society where money may fall.... The comming of anarchy (not disorder). 
This can come far faster that dream pipe nanotechnology.

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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