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Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 16:43:28 EDT
Subject: Re: CryoNet  #19380 Speak softly [on topic] and carry a big tent

In a message dated 7/1/02 2:01:40 AM, Robert Ettinger writes in part:

<< 4. For most of us, time is better spent in doing more of what we know we 
do and of what we know produces results, even if not spectacular results, 
rather than flailing around trying to find magic wands. In particular, I 
believe marketing studies, or studies of the profiles of cryonicists, are a 
waste of time, for the very simple reason, as I have said repeatedly, that 
our numbers in any group are so small that it just doesn't matter whether the 
group itself is above or below average. We need a shotgun, not a rifle. >>

I would agree up to a point.  With my background in survey research and 
knowledge diffusion and utilization studies, I have often wondered if I could 
be of some help to the expansion of cryonics through some sort of marketing 
strategy linked to targetted research.  The targetting would presumably be 
based on similarity of profiles of our current members with various much 
larger but still limited target populations.  I used to think it was somewhat 
noteworthy, for example, that the first frozen person was a psychologist like 
myself as were at least two of CI's current patients.  Does this constitute a 
pattern? probably not.  In the last 2 weeks or so there has been a real 
off-topic bruhaha about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, of all things!  
Perhaps an analysis of  some of these off-topic scampers would reveal 
correlated interests but it is clear that this one just showed how easily we 
can get divided and angry with each other, hardly a prescription for 
successful expansion.  What is interesting, in a way, about cryonics, is how 
wildly it cuts across convention groupings.  We seem to have Mormons and 
Wiccans, Christians as well as atheists in our little group.  We also have 
some liberals, libertarians, and,I would guess, some conservatives,  Bush 
supporters and Bush-haters, gays and straights, lots of males and some but 
not enough females.  I feel that most science fiction is doomsday rot and 
that it should be anathema to true cryonicists and I almost never read it but 
obviously many of my fellow cryonauts are addicted to the stuff.  I think 
that the environmental movement is loaded with luddites and a real threat to 
progress even though their goals are laudible but I can tell that many of my 
fellow cryonauts are enthusiastic greens as well.  What can we make of all 
this? Where is the intersection of beliefs and descriptors that we can 
identify to help us begin the campaign? Robert says there isn't one so forget 
it.  My logical mind tells me that there must be an intersect somewhere so 
let's keep on trying to find it.  In the meantime, it is important to keep a 
very big tent for our tiny group.  Just because I can't figure out how a 
Mormon or a dyed-in -the -wool green could possibly believe in what I believe 
is no reason to reject them.  We need each other.  In that vein, I urge 
participants to get back on topic.  If you want to sound off on liberals, 
conservatives, GW Bush, Yasser Arafat, Israel, or whatever, please find the 
right forum. CryoNet is not it.
While I have your attention, what about suggestions for an agenda for the 
Ron Havelock, CI member

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