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Subject: Toronto Cryonics Summer Party
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 23:13:40 -0400

The 12th Annual Toronto Cryonics/Life-Extension Summer Party will be held
Saturday, July 20th from 3pm to 7pm .

This year the summer party is being held in the party room of my condominium
in central Toronto, within a short walk of the Bedford entrance to the St.
George Subway station. The party room is on the top floor, with an excellent
view of the city and access to a deck on the rooftop. There is a large VCR
for those who wish to watch cryonics videos.

The guest of honor is the Cryonics Society of Canada President, Guy
Desrosiers from Edmonton, Alberta. At 5:30pm Guy will give a President's
Report and Ben Best will describe recent important cryonics developments.
Then Ben (with help from Keith Henson) will give a lecture summarizing
cryonics protocols in a corner of the party room for those who wish to
listen. Ben's theoretical understanding will be augmented by Keith's
practical experience, which he gained from personally participating in 18
cryopreservation cases.

All those interested in cryonics or life-extension are invited.

I need to give the security desk a list of those who are expected.  Please
email me at  if you are thinking of attending and I will
send you detailed directions.

There is no formal start or finish time -- arrival should be after 3pm and
departure by 7pm. Snacks will be served. This is a non-smoking event.

Bruce Waugh

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