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Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 22:12:31 -0700
From: "Ralph C. Merkle" <>
Subject: Alcor Conference on Extreme Life Extension, Nov. 16-17 2002

Fifth Alcor Conference on Extreme Life Extension

Saturday November 16 and Sunday November 17, 2002
at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel near Los Angeles, California
Conference URL: http://www.alcor.org/conferences/2002/
Register by July 15th for our drawing for a FREE CRUISE!!

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We live longer and healthier lives today than in centuries past because of 
remarkable advances in medical technology. We've already sequenced the 
human genome, cloned mammals, and replaced the human heart with an 
artificial pump. Soon we will understand the basic mechanisms of life. Not 
only is our understanding deepening, we are also gaining the ability to 
modify, control and repair the fundamental molecular and cellular 
structures from which we are made. Age and infirmity will become as rare as 
bubonic plague and smallpox. Youthful vigor and long lasting good health 
will be the norm. How rapidly these advances take place and the extent to 
which we as individuals benefit from them depends very much on what we do. 
The Fifth Alcor Conference on Extreme Life Extension is a meeting of 
scientists and individuals who are working toward the expansion of human 
health and longevity.


Michael D. West, President & CEO of Advanced Cell Technology
         Human Therapeutic Cloning: Opportunities and Challenges

Ray Kurzweil, recipient of the 1999 National Medal of Technology
         The Singularity is Near

Michael Rose, Professor, Evolutionary Biology of Aging, Evolutionary 
Genetics; University of California at Irvine
         Prospects for Biological Immortality

Gregory Benford, Professor of Physics, University of California, Irvine.
         Cryonics in the Long View

Aubrey de Grey, Department of Genetics University of Cambridge
         Engineering Negligible Senescence: rational design of feasible, 
comprehensive rejuvenation biotechnology

Jerry Lemler, President and CEO, Alcor
         Alcor at 30: Where Do We Go From Here?

Kat Cotter, D.C., Vice President, Maximum Life Foundation
         Extending Your Healthspan Now

Gregory Fahy, Chief Scientific Officer, 21st Century Medicine
         Organ Cryopreservation Research at 21st Century Medicine

Robert A. Freitas, Jr., author, Nanomedicine; Research Scientist, Zyvex
         Death is an Outrage

Steven B. Harris, MD, Director of Research, Critical Care Research
         Post Resuscitation Cooling

Rudi Hoffman, Certified Financial Planner
         The Affordable Immortal: How YOU can fund the new science of Biostasis

Max More, President, Extropy Institute
         Mind the Gap: Strategic Scenario Analysis for Your Second Life

Harvey Newstrom, co-Founder, Newstaff
         A Security Response to the Luddite Position

Christine Peterson, President, Foresight Institute
         Judging Life Extension Technologies

Stephen Spindler, Professor of Biochemistry, University of California, 
         Chipping Away at the Mysteries of Aging: what you don't eat can't 
hurt you.

Brian Wowk, Research Scientist, 21st Century Medicine
         Issues and Technologies for Long-Term Tissue Storage

OPTIONAL TUTORIAL (Friday, November 15th): Fundamental Issues in Extreme 
Life Extension

Gregory Fahy, Chief Scientific Officer, 21st Century Medicine
Brian Wowk, Research Scientist, 21st Century Medicine
         Extreme Life Prolongation at Cryogenic Temperatures

Ralph C. Merkle, Alcor Director; Vice President, Technology Assessment, 
Foresight Institute
         Nanotechnology: how it will transform medicine and enable repair 
of cryopreserved tissue

Aubrey de Grey
         Cancer, Telomerase and Aging

Fourth speaker and subject TBD


Registration Fee for the conference including the gala Friday night 
reception, continental breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks Saturday and Sunday:
         $475    General Registration   before September 15
         $575    Late Registration   after September 15
         $625    At-the-Door Registration   after November 1

Registration Fee for the conference without the Friday night reception and 
without lunches is $100 less:
         $375    General Registration   before September 15
         $475    Late Registration   after September 15
         $525    At-the-Door Registration   after November 1

Friday Tutorial Registration Fee (includes Friday continental breakfast, 
lunch, and coffee breaks only; does not include the Saturday/Sunday 
conference. You can register for the conference only, the tutorial only, or 
both the conference and the tutorial).
         $295    Friday Tutorial Registration   before September 15
         $395    Late Tutorial Registration   after September 15
         $445    At-the-Door Tutorial Registration   after November 1

         You can register on-line by going to 

         Or you can print out the form at 
http://www.alcor.org/conferences/2002/printreg.html and mail or fax it to 
Alcor to register for the conference. You may use VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, 
check or international money order valid in the U.S. Make checks payable to 
"Alcor", checks and bank drafts must be in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. Bank.

             Alcor Life Extension Foundation
             7895 E. Acoma Dr., #110
             Scottsdale, AZ 85260
             Fax: 480-922-9027

         Or you can register by telephone: call Alcor at 800-482-6791

         Alcor will waive the normal $150 Membership Application Fee for 
conference attendees joining Alcor. Alcor staff will be available at the 
conference to assist in the sign-up process and to answer any questions you 
may have.

         Room Rate (Single/Double): $119/night. Mention Alcor conference to 
obtain the group rate of $119. Hotel reservations should be made by October 
24, 2002 to obtain the special rate.
         Newport Beach Marriott Hotel
         900 Newport Center Drive
         Newport Beach, CA 92660 USA
         Phone: 1-949-640-4000
         Fax: 1-949-640-5055

         John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County California is 15 minutes 
from the Conference hotel by complimentary shuttle.

         Register by July 15th for our drawing for a FREE CRUISE!!

         Win a four-day cruise for two! Choice of three cruises: leave from 
Los Angeles to Catalina Island and Ensenada Mexico; leave from Miami to Key 
West and Cozumel; or leave from Port Canaveral to Nassau and Freeport. 
(Airfare not included, must be over 21). Eight meals a day, free 
entertainment on the ship, Captain's cocktail party included.

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