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[ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 7/5/02 ]

Daughter says Williams' body is being frozen 

New York Times News Service

Ted Williams' estranged daughter says the baseball great's son plans to 
freeze the hitter's body in hopes of reviving him in the future -- a decision 
that she said goes against Williams' wishes to be cremated.

Bobby-Jo Williams Ferrell, Ted Williams's oldest child, said that Williams' 
son, John Henry Williams, had approached her last year about possibly 
freezing the ailing slugger's body at the Arizona-based Alcor Life Extension 
Foundation, which has frozen 49 bodies. Ferrell's husband, Mark, said John 
Henry said that Alcor would freeze Williams's head for around $50,000.

John Henry Williams "told me we could sell Daddy's DNA," said Bobby-Jo 
Williams Ferrell, who is John Henry's half sister. At the time, Ferrell said 
she rejected the scheme.

Ferrell said she learned from a friend in the hospital where Williams died 
Friday morning that John Henry Williams had gone ahead with the freezing plan 

"She told me my father died, and they were freezing him and pumping him full 
of blood thinners. I knew right away what it was," said Ferrell. "He's just 
trying to make money off Daddy."

John Henry Williams could not be reached for comment Friday night, nor could 
Ted Williams' lawyer to confirm he wanted to be cremated. Married three 
times, Williams has one other child, a daughter, Claudia. Ferrell and John 
Henry Williams are at odds -- with John Henry Williams controlling most of 
their father's finances.

Freezing a body in hopes of bringing someone back to life is known as 
cryogenics. Bodies are rapidly cooled, usually in liquid nitrogen, to 
preserve DNA and tissue cells. The hope is that future medical advances could 
allow the bodies to be revived and cured. However, no one has been able to 
freeze a body and bring it back to life.


DC Johnson, Raleigh, NC


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