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Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 12:41:50 +0200
From: David Stodolsky <>
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At 9:00 AM +0000 2002-07-07, CryoNet wrote:
>Questions for David Stodolsky: just who was in the group to which
>you gave your presentation? We already know that some groups, like

To be a member of the group, a person had to qualify to be a member of the
Danish University Teacher's Union (Dansk Magisterforenging). "The DM is a
trade union which organises people with university degrees such as  a BA,
an MA or a PhD., primarily within the humanities and natural science."
Persons are qualified to teach at the university level, but may work in
industry, government, etc. Thus, the people at the presentation might be
termed Yuppies (Young urban professionals) in the US.

The network's objectives were to:
:improve integration of new arrivals in Denmark on the job market
:increase possibility of finding jobs in non-traditional areas
:increase possibilities to exchange opinion and experiences about the job

So, overall, this group could be considered among the most highly educated
and socially conscious persons in Denmark.

>number. To put it another way, out of 30 million people there will
>be 1 million who want life prolongation, even at the age of 30.

What was offered was a proven, cost free, guarantee of eternal health and
youth. Thus, 97 percent were gone before the cryonics possibility could
even be considered. Proving that cryonics can work would effect 3 percent
of this group, at most. I suggest that current marketing efforts could be
30 times more effective if they were directed toward the reasons that stop
people from considering any form of radical life extension.

>As a private opinion (which may not be borne out) I noticed the word
>"existential" in your title, and suspect that you may have given your
>presentation to a group LESS interested in life prolongation than

Since this was the first general meeting of the group and not one person
had read the background material I sent out by email, I don't think the
title of my presentation had anything to do with who came. I was just the
entertainment, you might say.


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