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Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 16:44:10 -0700
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Subject: older people's longevity preferences
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> From: Thomas Donaldson <>
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> It would also be very interesting to know how many would raise their
> hands in groups of different ages ie. what happens if you ask 40 or
> 50 year old people?  ...

In 1986 I was at Expo 86, the World's Fair in Vancouver, B.C.  They had
a futuristic show in a large theater with voting response buttons by all
of the 300+ people.  Many of the people were retirement ages.  When we
were asked a question about how long we would like to live, far fewer
than half said they'd want to live longer than 200 years.  I was
astounded!  To me it's always been "if it's good life, more is better!".
Perhaps many audience members at Expo assumed that "old" had to be

Unfortunately there was no data to do a breakdown by ages that would
answer Thomas Donaldson's question about 40's and 50's ages.

And a little off topic, I send a friendly "hello" to my friend David
Stodolsky, from the Apple II days in Palo Alto!

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