X-Message-Number: 19419
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 08:44:15 -0500
Subject: Silence @ Alcor

I have watched the news this morning, and every single discussion around 
this Ted Williams stuff includes selling his DNA (a la horse studding) at 
Alcor.  I think this is terrible publicity.

There are some that think there is no such thing as bad publicity, but I 
think this is a clear case, we are already looked upon as nuts, now you can 
add unscrupulous to it.

Alcor needs to come forward, I realize there is a need for privacy in this 
matter, but it is already confirmed that Ted is there...  Just come forward 
and say:
1)  We do not freeze individuals for their future sale, either whole, in 
part, or by the DNA strand
2) We would not accept a donation if it was not signed by the donor, and it 
was 100% certain that was their wish

You could say these things without violating your privacy decree.  Also, I 
thought it very clear, that privacy, and even the procedure can not be 
undertaken if it puts the existing cryonauts, and the existing membership 
at risk.

Just my lack of cents

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