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Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 17:58:02 -0700
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Subject: 'It's just terrible'?? re: Ted Williams

daughter #$%%^@ idiot Connie Chung!!!!

I'd like to grab both by the throats and throttle them! How dare this waste of
skin even suggest any of us would be involved in the wrongful selling of Ted's
DNA material?! The idiot Chung also reiterated it on CNN with these words, "Can

you imagine having your parents bodies frozen...[sic] selling their DNA... [sic]
well that's EXACTLY what's happening [with Ted Williams]." Then her sports
writer guest although giving John Henry some benefit of doubt in that the DNA
sale story may not be totally true and that Ted may have wanted cryonics, still

says anyone that would consider either selling DNA from the corpse or keeping it
for future resurrection from death, are "possessing [sic]... a ghoulish mind".

Then there is this further distortion of the truth.


'It's just terrible'

Williams' body moved to cryonic warehouse in Ariz.

Posted: Monday July 08, 2002 9:33 AM
Updated: Monday July 08, 2002 12:00 PM

(CNNSI.com) -- While the baseball world will honor the late Ted Williams at the
All-Star Game in Milwaukee on Tuesday night, the Red Sox nation is giving his
son John Henry the cold shoulder. Ted Williams' body now resides in a cryonic
warehouse at Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Ariz., moved there
by the son because, as Dan Shaughnessy, columnist for The Boston Globe said:
"There are only two ways to think of this:Best case -- The son is in denial and
thinks he can bring his father back to life, Worst case -- John Henry hopes to
profit from prospective cloning or DNA distribution."  "Ted Williams was a
private person in life, and in death he wished to remain private," Eric Abel,

Williams' attorney, said in a statement. "He did not wish to have any funeral or
funeral services."

Cryonics involves suspending the body in liquid nitrogen -- "freezing" the body
-- in the hopes of reviving it in the future, or, at the very least using its

Karla Steen, Alcor's marketing director, said the company would not comment.

"It's just terrible," former Boston teammate Johnny Pesky told the Globe on
Sunday. "Death is terrible enough, but you've got to have a little compassion.
That's a goddamn shame. I hope [John Henry] thinks twice about this. It's just
not a good thing."

Williams died of cardiac arrest Friday at Citrus Memorial Hospital in Inverness,
Fla. He was a two-time MVP who twice won the Triple Crown. He hit .344 lifetime

with 521 home runs -- despite twice interrupting his career to serve as a Marine
Corps pilot in World War II and the Korean War.

"I think he was the best hitter that baseball has had," said Hall of Famer Bobby
Doerr, who played with Williams for 10 seasons. "He wanted to be the greatest
hitter of all time, and he worked hard at that, but he was also a great
teammate. He patted everyone on the back," Doerr said. George Carter, a

certified nursing assistant who cared for Williams for 10 years and was with him

as recently as 2001, said, "I know Ted like a book. He wanted to be cremated and

have his ashes spread over the Florida Keys. He told me that many times. I would
bet my life he wouldn't approve of this [cryonics]."

"I thought they were kidding when I heard that," said Carl Yastrzemski, who
succeeded Williams in left field for the Red Sox in 1961. "I know I wouldn't
want it for me."

The Globe reported Claudia Williams, John Henry's sister from Dolores Wettach,
Ted's third wife, and Bobby-Jo Williams Ferrell, his older half-sister from
Ted's first marriage to Doris Soule, insist that their father's oft-stated
desire was to be cremated.

"I will rescue my father's body. Me and my attorney are working on that,"
Ferrell said. She added that a restraining order was to be filed Monday.

"Ted wanted to be cremated," former teammate Johnny Pesky noted. "He was an
atheist. He didn't believe in religion." [end]

I am simply livid over this travesty of wrongful reporting and
misrepresentation! I seriously wish to bring a lawsuit for slander, liable and
to counter Ferrel's alleged pending injunction. I wish to show these miscreants
how generous our community is, as in my case in particular, and how we respect
life and are in no way ghoulish. Have I got a case? Class action? Anyone else
feel the same? Let's get my story out their to counter this inept bad press!

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