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Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 09:41:20 -0700
From: Richard Gillmann <>
Subject: Ted Williams publicity

The Boston Globe has good coverage of the Ted Williams story.  Many papers are 
just reprinting the wire service stories.


"Alcor's marketing director, Karla Steen, said the small firm's phone lines have
been jammed since the Ted Williams story became public Saturday.

''We're getting many requests for membership,'' she said, adding that Alcor has 
the remains of about 50 people stored in thermos-like liquid nitrogen tanks. She
said about 580 more people have arranged similar treatment for when they die. 

The fight over Williams is the latest episode in a bitter family feud waged 
largely between John Henry Williams and Ferrell, who will receive a lesser share
of the Williams estate than John Henry or his other sister, Claudia, according 
to a family friend who asked not to be named.

Ferrell has asserted in several interviews that John Henry Williams talked his 
ailing father into distancing himself from her. But the son's defenders maintain
that Williams wanted the distance, for reasons that are not clear.

At issue have been Williams's deteriorating health and cognitive skills. He 
could see objects only when they were held directly in front of him. He often 
required help in eating, and required daily kidney dialysis.

The problems stemmed from repeated strokes and heart trouble, culminating with a
risky heart repair operation that left him severely impaired. Even the surgeon 
in that operation conceded the risks were plentiful and the benefits slim, but 
said Williams had every right to request the procedure."

The old saw "there's no such thing as bad publicity" seems to be working in this
case.  People can differentiate between the interesting news about cryonics and
the Williams family feud.  The story uses the word "cryonics" and refers to the
process as "treatment," and I like that.

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