X-Message-Number: 19442
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 15:31:38 EDT
Subject: Re: Scott Badger's 50 yrs

I think that response is fine, especially put to anyone over 50 years of age. 
 We don't need to sell immortality, just life extension, even though many of 
us realize that if we can extend by 50, we can probably go on and on beyond 
that.  I think it is good to stay relatively conservative, i.e. within the 
realm of normal conventional thought, when advocating cryonics because if we 
do that we are more likely to get some aging researchers [take it any way you 
want] on our side.  The Hayflick limit and the absence of any well-documented 
lives lived beyond 120 or so definitely suggests a barrier of some kind, even 
if some of us think it will eventually be overcome.  The point is, this is an 
assumption we don't have to make to realize the benefits of cryonic 
suspension.  We have enough barriers to overcome regarding resuscitation 
without getting into this one.
Ron Havelock, CI

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