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From: "Solion" <>
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Subject: An Idea revisted, an offer ANY cryonics member. 
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 07:58:38 -0400

Considering how public and nasty this is going to become because of Ted
Willaims daughter
I will offer this again, Only two of you out there took me up on my offer
before. Considering the very real threat of people preventing your
suspension. It is a GOOD idea to have a video of you explaining why you want
to be suspended.. Even better if it is put into a format that can be
transported digitally anywhere in the world.

I have offerd this before, Free of charge save for a couple of bucks for
shipping I will take a 10 minute VHS tape of you and burn your video onto
two cds. one for your own records and one to be sent to Alcor, CI  or any
company you are with.

If Ted did somthing like this, I bet any legal threat could be instantly
diffused, especcially if the video was recorded in front of a lawyer.  Hell
, send his daughter a copy so the last words she ever hears from her father
is him asking her not to try and kill him.

Powerful tool. Its here if you want . Email me and I will tell you how you
can do it at home. You just need  a capture card and multiple recording
codecs. Or I will do it for you. All tapes will be returnd

Lionel Vogt
Concerned Alcor member.

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