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Subject: infuriating world
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 10:31:06 +1000

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I hear you James... There are plenty of infuriating things in this world,
..my biggy today is logging of old growth forest and the destruction of the
habitats of endangered native species. Those cute little fellas need those
big old trees with all their rotted out holes to live in. But stupid
government management means that the trees are being sold off for wood chip
for as little as 9 cents a tonne. OUTRAGEOUS ... sorry I guess I got caught
up more in your angry emotion than the actual cause of your outrage. But
Hey,... there are lots of stupid misinformed people in these ridiculous
societies which we live in. Priorities are all skewiff. DUMB DUMB DUMB.
Anyhow, I presume that somebody has evidence of this baseball guys will to
be preserved. Surely, it wouldn't be possible without this being the case?
Regardless, I think you should go for it.... prove that you just can't go
around saying whatever you like to get ratings. Class action all the way.
Say it loud! BTW, do you guys think that that CNN poll was particularly
accurate?... 59% of people believing in end-time prophecy sounds pretty
wacked to me. Not that I've ever visited America. This just seems crazier
than possible.

I look forward to the day when I can look way, way back and chuckle ... (
fingers crossed... )

Long life to all,
Tracey Simon.

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