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Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 22:34:32 EDT
Subject: Loved Robin HL's posting! 

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Rudi Hoffman writing:

 I thought at least part of this posting by Robin Helwig-Larsen deserved 
repeating, as it is both funny and probably correct.  

Like it or not, we in the cryonics world are entering a new era of publicity. 

And I think it is important to note the following.  If Ted had a happy, well 
adjusted family, he would simply be QUIETLY vitrified at ALCOR and this 
astonishing level of publicity would NOT be occurring.  This brash, brazen, 
and probably brainless estranged daughter may wind up doing more for cryonics 
than any of us, in the long run.
Just my opinion, as George says...

Robin HL posting below...

> This does not mean that we should be looking for recruits from among the 
> dysfunctional - I certainly consider myself a very happy and well-balanced 
> person, and I see of people like that in the cryonics movement.  But it 
> does mean that we should be looking for people who are comfortable going 
> against the tide of opinion whenever their own reasoning or perceived needs 
> justifies it.  I would characterize the cryonics movement as
> being heavy on 'intellectual elitists' and low on 'sheep'.
> We're not likely, yet, to attract people just because someone warm and 
> fuzzy has signed up - the awareness of that warm and fuzzy person isn't 
> going outweigh all the friends and neighbors who will be saying cryonics is 
> a bad idea.
> However, one cranky old bastard saying 'Screw you, I'm going to be frozen 
> when I die' is good and thought-provoking for all the other individualists, 
> contrarians and free-thinkers out there - and this story is getting massive 
> coverage!
> Let's hope he makes it!
> Robin HL


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