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Date: Tue,  9 Jul 2002 20:55:15 -0700
Subject: Reminder: Alcor Northern California meeting July 14, 2002
From:  (Tim Freeman)

Here's a repeat of a previous announcement of Sunday's meeting.  Might
be kinda crowded, with the Ted Williams thing.  Better bring a chair.
I don't know yet whether the notary will be available; I'm checking up
on it.

Thanks to Mark Galeck for agreeing to host our next meeting.  Here's
the announcement he wrote.  Note that it's slightly later in the day
than usual.  

The meeting usually has everything you need to finish up cryonics
paperwork: a notary is frequently present, a life insurance agent is
available by telephone, and lots of potential witnesses.
Tim Freeman       

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What: Meeting followed by a potluck dinner and
socializing.  We can use the heated pool and hottub, but should be quiet -
no running, shouting or jumping.

When: Sunday, July 14, 5:30 PM

Where: Peartree Apartments' Rec Room, 330 N Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale,
(Mark Galecki's apartment complex)

Bring: Food and/or drink for the potluck.  Bathing suit and towel if
you wish to use the pools.  Folding chair if you have one (there are
10 chairs in the Rec Room).  There aren't barbeque grills available.

Directions: Peartree Apartments, 330 N Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale, are in
the South-East corner of N Mathilda Ave and Indio Wy.  The Recreation
Room is off Mathilda Ave.  You can park on the streets or you can park
in the apartment parking lots spaces that are not numbered and not
covered.  Ignore the No Parking signs as you are my guests.  You are
welcome to my apartment as well - it is number 506, but better first
come to the rec room as I will be hanging out there.

>From Hwy 101, take Mathilda Ave South exit in Sunnyvale.  You will be
 going South on North Mathilda Ave.  Go 1 mile and turn left on Indio
 Wy at traffic lights.  Peartree Apartments is on your right.

>From Central Expwy going West, take Mathilda Ave exit.  Before
Mathilda Ave and Indio Wy intersection, Peartree Apartments will be
on your left.

>From Central Expwy going Eeast, take Mathilda Ave North exit.  Turn
right when you get to N Mathilda and Peartree will be on your right
before the intersection with Indio Way.

Alcor Northern California meetings are held once a
quarter on the second Sunday of the month.  Anyone
interested in cryonics is welcome to attend the
general business meetings, sign-up parties, and

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