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Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 09:22:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Driven FromThePack <>
Subject: Excellent NY Times article

Some quotes:

Despite his unwillingness to discuss any relationship
with the Williams family, Dr. Lemler was willing to
lead a tour of the Alcor complex, including the
entirely nondescript concrete room in which eight "big
foot" cylinders and two shorter ones are housed and
monitored so their inhabitants, bodies and heads
immersed in liquid nitrogen, are assured of an optimal
chance for life after life.


There are those, Dr. Lemler conceded, who may laugh at
and scorn Alcor for what it tries to make possible, at
$50,000 a head or $120,000 a body. But considering the
flood of calls that Alcor has received in recent days,
many other people see cryonics as an intriguing
pathway to a future world, free of disease or even

It is a far cry from Alcor's first 30 years, a period
of relative obscurity in which the foundation
struggled to be taken seriously beyond a fringe of
individuals who truly believed in the possibilities of


<<and themost important part, the article ending>>:

As a future patient himself, Dr. Lemler said Alcor was
the only true form of life insurance anyone could buy,
anything else being "death insurance," as he called

But even at that, he expressed hope that one day
Alcor's services would no longer be needed.

"When that happens," he said, "it will be a great day
for mankind."

Great job, Dr Lemler. Considering it is from the NY
Times, and this is a relatively slow news week, this
is one of the best (for cryonics) pieces I have ever

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