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From: "Brent Fox" <>
Subject: Taking advantage of the situation
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 19:45:12 -0700

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Like the majority of us, I am also disgusted (but not surprised) at the way the 
media has portrayed cryonics in the recent Ted Williams case. The media can't 
even get their facts straight.  However, we can use this whole affair about Ted 
Williams and cryonics to open up discussions with people (family, friends, 
co-workers,etc.) about cryonics, and dispel misconceptions.  It can even serve 
as an opening to let others know of your involvement with cryonics (if you so 
choose to do so).  I guess you could call it, "Cryonics Witnessing", and this is
a golden time to do it.

Just a couple of hours ago, I had a discussion with a M.D. concerning cryonics.
It all started by "Hey, what do you think about the thing with Ted Williams 
and Cryonics?"   Our discussion quickly moved to talk of "what is the criteria 
of death".  Of course, he gave the standard medical definition.  I responded 
with "Consider another criteria. Suppose medical technology of the future is 
able to repair and revive the person? If so, would he have been dead?"   I got 
the "upraised eyebrows" look, and "hmm...that's certainly an interesting 

Let's stop bitching about the media and turn this around on them!

Brent Fox
CI Suspension Member


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