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<< FYI...  As of 7:15 this evening, Alcor's web site has received 533502 hits 
today. >>

Congratulations are due to everyone at ALCOR for Ted Williams.  There could 
not have been a better choice for the first celebrity frozen, far far better 
than Tim Leary.  Major sports figures are hugely important as cultural 
leaders and had a lot to do with the major cultural shift in America over the 
last 30 years, which was the acceptance of blacks as equally-entitled people. 
 Ted Williams, particularly in the New England area and particularly among 
those now in their late fifties and sixties or older, was probably the most 
celebrated sports figure of their lives, witness the naming of the new Boston 
harbor tunnel for him. Half a million hits in one day speaks for itself but 
it is not over. I think this may be the breakthrough that so many of us have 
been waiting and wishing for for so many years. I noted tonight that Dave 
Letterman handled it skillfully for good laughs as did John Stewart on comedy 
central, even with a faked Scottsdale remote.
Now we must really be on our toes and get our answers to all the questions 
sharply honed.  I am inclined to agree that the daughter's legal battle will 
actually help us a lot in the long run, especially since it would appear that 
the son is holding the better cards from my reading of the Boston Globe 
article.  I urge everyone to read that article to get a good picture of what 
is going on in the family and who the key players are likely to be. I have 
been asked to appear on a cable network interview program in Boston on July 
22 for what was described as a 10 minute segment.  I would be grateful for 
any suggestions.  Ron Havelock, CI member.

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