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Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 06:55:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: Driven FromThePack <>
Subject: Why we should beware opinion of the masses

Mr Lacher wrote:

Hello everyone....

I've been following the Ted Williams thing, too and
was struck by a realization.  Kennita Watson is right
- it's terrific that 3% of those polled have the
foresight and vision to explore cryonics.  I notice
many people on here bemoaning how small a number that
is, and how the vast majority of people out there are
caught up in society's traditional deathist ways.  

But then it hit me.  If people want to hold irrational
attitudes about death, who am I to change their minds?
 And why would I want to?  I'll be happy if society
ignores us.... 

Why are you so sure they will ignore us? The way some
of the media outlets are casting us as the next worst
thing to eaters of stillborn human infants, the
Congress may seize on the opportunity to get a little
free publicity and pass a law outlawing cryonics. You
think Dubya won't sign it? If that happens, ALL of us
must gird our loins and empty our bank accounts in
order to prepare for the legal battle of--and for--our

On a less grim note, Dean and Rog on 93.7 FM here in
Houston were having some fun with cryonics this
morning as I drove in, and taking the "Oh, my god,
isn't gruesome that the son froze his father's dead
body so that he can make a fortune selling the DNA." 

So, when I got into work, I called in and got on the
air, trying to set things straight.  They had some fun
with it, and the conversation devolved into whether or
not I was having my, ahem, reproductive organs frozen
along with my head (yeah, Dean and Rog are those
irreverent sort of drive-time people ). They
apparently prerecorded the conversation, and parts
were cut off when it aired, but I got in a couple of
good pro-cryonics points, and set the record straight
on whether the son would be able to freeze Williams

I'm happy about the publicity the Ted Williams stories
are bringing cryonics - it'll show more horses where
the water is, if they want it.  But as for the
approval of those other horses - I don't want it or
need it.  As long as they stay out of my way when I
need the water, I'm one happy horse.

Actually, some of the reporting is quite for us, e.g.,
the NY Times story....

Thirstily yours,
--Steven Lacher, ALCOR member A-1865

Randy, A-1856

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