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From: "Solion" <>
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Subject: RE Subject: videos and CD,s Lionel Vogt 
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 22:27:44 -0400

The video in this case is to explian to the judge , medical examiner ,
family . Why you wantto be suspended and to please allow your cryosuspension
to continue without resistance  . An actual video of you asking whoever is
trying to keep you from being suspended to allow it to happen is a powerful

You can write whatever you want , but it takes effort for people to bother
to read your request. But video, the last words they will hear from you ,
asking that they not impede your suspension , Well . That would catch
anyones attention.

In the case of Ted Williams daughter, She could hear for herself  in his own
words not to try and burn him to a cinder.. To tell her for himself that he
wanted to do this. And if she STILL fought it. Have it agreed to that the
video be released to the public. So EVERYONE knows what he wanted

As for making the video. Get a camcorder.. set it up and make a tape. Really
simple. most people have a VCR and even if you are recoding in high8 or any
other format. there should be cables that you can hook to your VCR to re
record it in VHS  SP mode
.send the tape to me and I will record it in multiple codecs that can be
read cross
platform to many machines for years to come. Every 5 years, take the cd ,
it to the latest meduim if you want. Simple really.

As for what to say, Address the individuals in your life that migth cause a
problerm. and address the judge  and speak your mind .. Talk to
a lawyer if you want to see what little things that could be added to make
more "legaleese " but make this a persona plea. understant what you say in
the video may make the difference between being allowed to be cryogenicly
supended or not

Lionel Vogt

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