X-Message-Number: 19476
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 11:24:27 -0400
From: Jeffrey Soreff <>
Subject: Re: Williams coverage, public opinion

quoting from Kennita Watson's quote of the poll:

>It's a shameless act by a greedy son.    58.0%
>John Henry should be frozen -- alive!    33.0%
>John Henry took care of his father; it's
>a private matter and he should be allowed
>to do what he wants.                      6.2%
>Why not? It might work, and we could have
>Ted back.                                 2.9%

quoting from Olaf Henny:

>Remember: We do not want to win an election, - just new members!

>And 1000 new members out of a population of 300 to 500 million
>potentials would double our strength.

I agree that new members would be a help, but don't
agree that the 91% in the poll who opposed Williams'
cryosuspension in some way are harmless.  The US public
only _very_ weakly supports the rights of people to do
as they want with their own bodies, and frequently
supports laws that stomp on that right.  All it would take
to destroy our right to be cryosuspended would be for
Bush to think he can get cheap support by calling for a
law against it because its yucky to the general public.
We very nearly lost cloning-based therapies by the same
route, and that loss might well have cost millions of
Americans their health.

                        Best wishes,

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