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Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 11:45:12 EDT
Subject: New York Times article...not bad! With one wish...

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Just read the NY Times article. Thanks do "Driven from the Pack" for URL. 
IMO, one of the better pieces we have going for us.  Jerry did a great job on 
sound bites, and the article was generally quite positive.

I do wish people would EMPHASIZE the funding is affordable and REASONABLE 
through LIFE INSURANCE in all press reports, however.

It is important for all of us and the future of cryonics, I feel, that 
cryonics is not merely portrayed as an option for the super rich.  Through 
the leverage of life insurance, the cost of a few good dinners out per month, 
or a large latte' per day may fund your second chance at an exciting life.  
If you remain healthy, even older ages benefit from the financial leverage of 
life insurance.  

I am in process of getting a cryonics policy on an individual who is age 80.

Friends, PLEASE make your consituents knowledgeable about this paradigm 
shifting economic reality!  

Most people fund their suspension with life insurance, and this means that 
the family who are the survivors do not have to go without in order for an 
individual to elect cryonics.  

I know most of you reading this know this, but clearly a BUNCH of people do 
not...and it is a VITAL part of the "meme package."

Thanks, sorry for the capitalization emphasis, but this economic fact must be 
crystal clear in people's minds for them to have an accurate picture of 

Warm wishes to all...these are exciting times to be alive and active in 

I have a call in to a local radio station talk show re: cryonics.  May I 
suggest that you consider what you can do to help capitalize on this 
publicity, because it certainly will not last forever.  

Rudi Hoffman


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