X-Message-Number: 19481
From:  (The Singer Ron.Trumble)
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 09:34:23 -1000 (HST)
Subject: Re: CryoNet #19451 - #19470

 (Ref)  Last minate signups accept??                 Hi,again
Mr.Sprinkle. This will be my last E-Mail to you,I know you have alot on
your mind and more inportint things to do so let me get right to it. I
have recived 6 calls now wanting to do interviews  with me but the
answer is know,because of (TRUST) However I do trust you ,maybe because
I see you on TV everyday and you always appear to be true about your
storys ans if you make a mistake on the Air -You always come back and
make it right-  .This is good Gary,the reason you have recived my
(TRUST) I only want the truth,may it be good or bad,no mistakes when
your name is on the line. Please read what I am forwarding to you about
Mr.T-as we call him mainley about the Alcor --LAST MiNATE signups that
Alcor require's double-witnessed form;s to be signed. Gary I like you, I
will send you that tape along with some of my on thoughts with a picture
of me -along with a song I recorded 3 days ago, I think after you here
what I have recoreded you will understand me alot more.I do belive in
God,and I don't know if what i have done will work,but i must TRY . I
get around pretty good,you might not even know I am in Pain,but belive I
am onthe strongest meds know to mankind !!!  Give me a few days to get a
package off to you and for security let your mail-room know you will be
reciveing a package from me..The Truth Gary      Your friend Ronald W
Trumble   Hilo,Hi     ALOHA

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