X-Message-Number: 19485
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 20:52:13 -0700
From: "John Grigg" <>
Subject: This slanderer must be stopped...

Art Caplan, a medical ethicist, was quoted by Elizabeth Cohen of CNN as having 

We asked medical ethicist Art Caplan, and he's published on this issue many 
times, ... what are the chances that this would work, that you'd be able to cure
the person and revive them? And he said zero percent, this is a scam. 


Caplan dared to say cryonics is a SCAM, not a gamble unlikely to pay off, but a 
SCAM.  Considering his position in the world, Alcor, CI and others should not 
allow him to say such things and go unchallenged.  

He should be put on notice that he must publicly recant his slanderous remark, 
or face litigation.

Perhaps this would be a job for David Ettinger or Greg Burch.  : )

Colin Jacobs() wrote:
To be honest, it's starting to make me wonder... is there something 
I don't know? Did I read too little skeptical literature before 
signing up? Basically, I figured that while the chances 
were small, they were nonzero and thus worth the gamble, given the 
essentially infinite payoff (not being dead and gone). This seems 
like a sound proposition, but I'm really surprised at 
the vehemence of the reaction in the press. As an avowed skeptic, 
I wonder, did I let the coolness of the idea overwhelm my scientific 

Colin, I think you have a very realistic view of cryonics.  It's a gamble, but 
well worth it considering the technological progress we are currently having, 
and likely to see only increase in speed.  Nanotech was seen as "cargo cult 
science" only a few years ago, but now look at its acceptance as legitimate 
science worthy of massive international funding!

Is it really any big surprise the mass media is going to be generally negative 
toward cryonics? lol  They are often simply a mirror of common cultural 
attitudes and mores.  

Most regular readers of Cryonet and Alcor Magazine would recognize what is going
on here.  A combination of scientific illiteracy, a lack of vision where 
technological progress is concerned, and a misguided notion that God does not 
want them to have extended lifespans via cryonics, is why so many people out 
there have negative attitudes about us.

Don't let it get to you.   

you continue:
Maybe the vision I had of waking up 
one day in a glowing white room, then being taken on a tour of "the 
future" Futurama-style weakened my critical faculties. :) 

Don't get down on yourself for having "vision".  You realized cryonics was a big
gamble to begin with, but with at least some chance of a truly amazing payoff 
in the end(or beginning!).  : )

best wishes,


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