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Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 23:32:01 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Stupid daughter tricks--Bush getting involved?

I wish someone would instill some sense into this woman. Now she's trying to get
the president and Sen. John Glen involved. Just great! Bush is just brainless
enough to open his idiot mouth about this too. Just what we need, presidential
interference. At least, so far, Glen seems to have sense enough ignored her.


President Bush is being called on by Ted Williams' daughter to help her in
stopping her half-brother from keeping the body of the baseball great in a deep

Williams  daughter seeks Bush s help Ferrell looks to stop baseball great s body
from staying in a deep freeze

INVERNESS, Fla., July 11   Ted Williams  oldest daughter is urging former Sen.
John Glenn and President Bush to help stop her half-brother from keeping the
body of the baseball great in deep freeze. (cont.)


At least these statistcs from a live poll show improvinbg interest. Nearly a
third now favorable!

MSNBC Live Vote Results

    Assuming you
    could afford it,
    would you have
    yourself put into

    * 3460 responses



    Not sure.

    Survey results tallied
   every 60 seconds. Live
         Votes reflect
   respondents' views and
     are not scientifically
        valid surveys

Cool numbers! Hey I just made a pun. :) The daughter must be religious. At the
end of the article she's quoted saying, "I too am on a final mission to save
 Ted Williams.  


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