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Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 03:27:24 +0000
From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: Ted Williams musings at 3 AM

Apparently Ted Williams wants his body to be cremated and
the ashes spread over the Florida Keys.

Might one get away with cremating the body but not the head?

Might one argue that Ted wants to be cremated after he's
dead, and that if he is revived he never was really dead, so
we have to wait and see?

A sad scenario would be for Bobby-Jo to fight in court and
succeed in having her father thawed and cremated, then to
live another 50 years, and for cryonics to be shown to work
in that time.  To know you had gone to court to have your
father killed would really hurt.
May you live long and prosper,
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