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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 08:51:05 -0500
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Subject: Cryonics bumper stickers?

Anyone knows of any cryonic related bumper stickers? If they don't exist,
may be someone can start a business? :o) You don't have to pay me royalties
:o) - just send me some :o)

Maybe someone has other suggestions for the stickers to add to mine - one to
two liners? A few just came to mind (see below) - some of them are not
politically correct :o) I decided not to play on the most recent Ted
Williams' controversy, this can be a whole new ball game :o) - and a cool
one I might add :o) But one can play with this one till the hell freezes
over :o) and some good ones are out there.

Don't forget to increase your insurance coverage on your vehicle just in
case after you apply one of these :o) You never know how "warm" they'll be
taken :o) as they would surely ruffle some feathers :o)

Cheers and here are the bumper stickers I came up with!

Cryonics - Just Do It!
Cryonics - a Cool Thing to Do!
Cryonics is for Cool Headed.
Cryonics - Just Cool!
Cryonics - a Cool Alternative to Death.
Got Cryonics?
Choose Cryonics - Don't die and let die!
Don't rot or be cremated when you die - Freeze yourself with cryonics.
Cryonics - You have another chance at life.
Cryonics - a logical choice for extended life.
Cryonics - reason, logic, and common sense.
Cryonics - It's too busy in heaven and hell already.
Cryonics - God doesn't want you to rot or burn.
Cryonics - a logical choice of extended life.
Cryonics is for you and your loved ones.
Cryonics - continue your good deeds on Earth in the future.
Cryonics - a logical chance to carry on.
Cryonics - I intend to live forever. So far so good!
Cryonics - a logical alternative to death.

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