X-Message-Number: 19515
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 18:33:31 -0700
From: "John Grigg" <>
Subject: Advertising cryonics one vehicle at a time!

Iggy wrote:
I thought about getting vanity front and back license plates on one of my
cars with "CRYONICS", but Kansas plates only have a maximum of 7 characters
:o( - so "CRYONIC" or "CRYO" would do just fine :o) This would not be my
primary vehicle :o) which I use for my real estate business only, but rather
a car for fun, going out, and traveling :o) This would be too much fun,
wouldn't you say?

This sparked an idea in me!  I once saw a van which had been lovingly airbrushed
at every angle with STAR TREK characters and starships.  Obviously, the owner 
of the van wanted to share his love of STAR TREK with the world!  Why not have 
the cryonics equivalent??  

A person could have several pro-cryonics slogans on each side of the van(with 
Alcor and CI website addresses clearly viewable).  We have already discussed 
what some of the better ones could be.  Pictures could in a progression show 
someone sick or aged and in great pain. Next a cryonics team is working over 
them, then they are shown frozen, and finally they are brought back with a new 
and vibrant body!

I realize this "magic picture show" might throw off the public, so I am simply 
throwing out the idea for people here to consider.  Perhaps showing pictures of 
the technological progression of humanity would be better.  This would get them 
thinking that since technology has advanced so fast and far, that cryonics just 
might work one day to do what its proponents hope it does.  So on the van it 
would say "Want to see what is coming next?? Visit WWW.ALCOR.ORG"

I remember having a friend who worked for a company which had just gotten into 
the practice of advertising with a "fleet" of just ONE van! lol  He told me they
were very surprised at the response they were getting.  So if it works for a 
temp agency, it just might work for us. : )

best wishes,


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