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Subject: Marketing Cryonics - followup on personalized licence plates and

Another thought just occurred to me - why not have booths set up at national
medical conventions, Health Organization meetings, and also regional and
local conferences of doctors, health expos, Star Trek conventions :o) and
any other shows that general public attends - e.g. Health Days, Auto Shows,
Sports & Marine Shows, Gun Shows, etc?

I have attended many shows here in Kansas City that really had nothing to do
with health, however, several booths of chiropractors, dental professionals,
churches, and even Missouri Hiway Patrol, etc. were present? To say nothing
of bracelet makers, magical mops and sponges promoters, SuperClean paste
makers, etc., etc., .etc.

Wouldn't having hundreds of thousands of eye balls just glancing through the
booth and interactions face to face with literally hundreds of thousands of
people will get you good enough exposure? Especially in the wake of Ted
Williams suspension, the word "cryonics" is probably one of the most
recognized ones. Having "Q&A's" in print, a video running, web site, a CD
Rom, fliers and brochures would just add an additional punch.

From what I see, major companies as well as PR firms take advantage of
opportunities like this - free publicity coupled with intensive and targeted
advertising will ride the wave and will expose the message to an audience
that has already heard something about cryonics, may have doubts, questions,
or concerns and may be willing to learn more?


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