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Subject: [Research: neuron death factors and inhibitors] - cryoprotectent 
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 19:09:37 -0400

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I think the coming convergence of biotechnology and nanotechnology will bring 
about an increased understanding of the physical processes which cells undergo 
especially as it relates to stressful events.

an interesting article here 

discusses neuronal cell death processes and shows evidence that the process is 
tied (at least in part) to the mechanics of
an enzyme called PARP and subsequent production of AIF due to PARP release.

Since cryonics is an event which is (to put it mildly) traumatic to all cells 
(neurons included) and we've got a special interest in preserving nerve function
then it would be to our advantage to look into process mechanics such as this 
and investigate what types 

of 'additives' can be introduced to cryprotectant solutions which will serve not
as a cryo protectant but instead as a cell protectant (structure, integrity, 
operation, mechanics etc). some form of PARP antagonist which would sequester 
trauma induced PARP and prevent AIF production would be an excellent start...

...we might as well investigate things like this because they will probably 
'make it easier' on the reconstructor nano-bots 'on the other side' if they have
a minimum of cell trauma to deal with...

... it is even possible that many 'additives' of this sort could be administered
pre-mortem (for those of us lucky enough to have a reasonable certainty of 
upcoming de-animation) in a kind of loading process which would raise 
concentrations of useful additives throughout the body prior to de-animation and
primary cryo-protectant administration...


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