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Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 09:33:54 -0700
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Subject: Things that make ya go hmmm.
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This sounds promising for Ted.


An expert in Florida estate law who reviewed the will and petition said the 
wishes of next of kin can  override instructions in a will in some cases. Jack 
Friedrich also said a contract making  arrangements for a body can supersede 
instructions in a will.

 ``If he had a contract with this freezing, that would be compelling to override
 the instructions in  the will,'' Friedrich said.

 No such contract has been made public.


What a complete and utter dunderhead! Check this out.


Many religious people have a problem with that philosophy, particularly those 
who believe that a soul goes to heaven   or hell   after death.

Pastor James Jones with McGregor Baptist Church said the concept behind cryonics
is akin to grave-robbing   or heaven-robbing.

 Even if they were able to animate a body   which I would be skeptical   but 
 even if they could, I can t imagine they could bring a soul back,  Jones said.
 What scientist has a right to take your soul from an eternity in heaven back 
 to a finite body? 

This one also had a photo of Jim Yount (American Cryonics Society). I don't know
when the photo was taken, I can assume maybe in conjunction with a press visit 
which may be why he looks so disgusted... I can relate with all this bad press 
we've gotten. Jim how about a smile? ;) Hehe

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