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Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 21:30:28 EDT
Subject: Thanks, Iggy, I was pleased and gratified by this article:)

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Dear Cryonet readers, 

Thanks to Iggy Dybal for posting the above reference on Cryonet.  I was only 
briefly interviewed for this remarkably positive article!  

This is one of the FEW media reports to emphasize the vital point that 
cryonics IS affordable to most through life insurance.

In another positive note, I just completed a few minutes ago a rather fun 
radio interview, on WTBS, the largest station in Columbus, covering all of 
Ohio.  The interview lasted about 15 minutes, and was generally positive 
towards cryonics.

You better believe that THIS is one cryonics presentation that got through 
the complete "meme-set" that includes funding through life insurance! LOL!  

Interviewer asked the usual questions..."When your dead, your dead, 
right?...What's up with this frozen head business?  Who want's to be a frozen 
head?...So you can fund this with life insurance?  How does that work?"...

Needless to say, I enjoyed this interview.  The question about whether ALCOR 
has Ted Williams or not I deferred to ALCOR on, citing confidentiality 

Now to get a REAL thought leader and champion celebrity who will publicly 
promote cryonics...

Warm Regards to all...



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