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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 10:53:52 EDT
Subject: Re: CryoNet #1949 Intensity Interferometer

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Brett, you said about my idea to produce an intensity interferometer:

> The astronomical work sounds facinating, to be sure, but aside from a bit 
> of
> practice at making a working interferometer, I'm unclear as to how it 
> places
> in your hands all the elements to make a phonon brain reader. All the
> principles may be transferable, and some of the skills, maybe even some
> electronics and software, but you're hardly going to be able to use 2 meter
> optical telescopes to do phonon interferometery of a brain.
> What am I missing here?
> Brett Bellmore

In the interferometer there are three parts: 
1/ The detector : In the astronomical instrument, this include a telescope 
set and photometers, in the phonon system it is a quantum level sound 
detector, may be itself an optical interferometer!
2/ The electronics able to handle the data flow, this include powerful 
computers and data storrage. This is common to the astronomical and phonon 
3/ The Software to sort out all these informations and reconstruct a picture. 
The astronomical one is two dimensional, the phonon generated is 3-dim. The 
first may be implemented so that checking some boxes on a screen may flip the 
software from 2 to 3 dim.

When the astronomical instrument is built and run, both the elctronics and 
computer parts would be ready to be used in a phonon machine. Even more: the 
system used in the focal plane of a telescope to position up to 1 000 optical 
fibers could be used for moving the phonon detectors above a patient head. 
So, only the phonon detectors need to be pluged into the system.

The most interesting part in that project is: Can we find the money to make 
it a reality?
The state of affairs are as follow:
I have nearly completed the workshop for making 40" telescopes, this is 
sufficient for starting the first step, the asteroid ocultation project. 
Users will be asked for software contribution, not money. May be the 
astronomical observations will came with a computer course!

The largest part of the 2m instrument workshop, the spin cast kiln, is paid 
by a friend with the money. There is a standing offert by some professional 
astronomers to pay for the electronics of a planetar (lonely planet) 
detector. This electronics is the same as the one of an imaging intensity 
interferometer. So, only phonon detectors are not budgetet to this day.

I think the micro-mirrors arrays sold by Texas Instruments for video 
projectors could be used as phonon detectors. They would have to be included 
in a Michelson interferometer with a photodiode as output signal converter. I 
think this is not the most difficult part of the instrument.

As I have said before, if there was no financial constrains, it would be best 
to target from start the phonon instrument. I can't do that, but if someone 
else can, it would be very good. I think this system must be built, I'll try 
to do it, I must start with my ressources and actual position. I don't want 
particularly to do that and would be happy if someone else in a better 
position could take that task...

Yvan Bozzonetti.


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