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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 12:21:15 -0500
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Subject: Ted Williams - is there anything in writing from him?

What an interesting development!... I just can't wait to see who will be
next! :o) If there ever has been a case for celebrities and promoting
cryonics, this is it, my friends. Not the last one, I may assure you. Within
5 years, my prediction is that we'll be hearing more about cryonics as many
aging celebrities pass on and are suspended either at their own will or by
their children and families...

From all I've read on the Net, it doesn't appear that Ted Williams has
signed anything that would positively show that he has agreed to be
suspended. I know that it's Alcor's & CI's policy to not take last minute
suspensions (I am sure though that this has been done and will be done in
the future), but it appears that it was the decision of his son. It also may
have been a last minute decision that materialized shortly prior to
Williams' passing at John Henry's initiative otherwise, he couldn't have
been prepped so quickly without prior arrangements.

Everything I've read leads me to believe that there may be only a contract
between his son who probably has the power of attorney over his Dad's
affairs and if there is anything in writing about this, then it'll most
likely be signed by John Henry.

At this early stage of the game, he doesn't want to appear to be the "cold
thirsty" :o) one, therefore very careful statements are being made about
this and if you really read into them, you'll be able to discern that. This
quote is a give away :o) - "But so far neither the estate or the family has
produced any documents signed by Williams supporting their position [to
suspend him cryonically]. The lawyer for John Henry and Claudia Williams
would not comment on whether such papers exist. ''I cannot discuss anything
that may or may not be filed in a future court proceeding,'' said lawyer
Robert Goldman."

Check out the latest from Boston Globe.

I am sure when the whole fuss will settle in a couple of weeks, we'll find
out who made the arrangements. My bet is on his son.


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