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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 13:39:54 -0500
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Subject: Cryonics bumper stickers - followup

I should have thought of this before :o) Instead of using bumper stickers
printed on foil or plastic sheets that will be rectangular in shape or
perhaps clear one can use self adhesive vinyl lettering decals that adheres
to the vehicle. This looks rather eye catching.

See my car at http://www.iggy.net/mycar.htm . The Mazda I use for real
estate is a driving bill board for my business. I have my name on it, my
cell phone, my web site and RE/MAX Balloon spattered all over it - on the
sides of the car, on the rear window, also on my trunk I have "Johnson
County Homes Specialist" to say nothing of my vanity personalized "IGGY"
license plate on the front and the back.

I had it also on my front window on the visor section but it chipped and has
been replaced, so I'll have to do it again. The whole thing cost me about
$150 and the people who designed it for me put it on. I've also put this on
my wife's car - she's in mortgage business.

I can see a fleet of these cars driving around town in Clinton Township or
Scottsdale - this will be quite a site! Can you imagine how professionally
and presentable 5-10 parked vehicles in a row at the office would look? Or
what kind of stir they can generate while stopping at a traffic light next
to a commuter bus?

Life is just too cool! :o)


IGGY Dybal

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