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Subject: re: parp
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 21:25:40 -0400

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hehe...you've got to love it when the organizations are already ahead of you...

I brought up a point that someone should look into PARP and related AIF 
supression techniques

and it turns out that they are not only being researched but are in fact already
being packaged! hows that for quick turnaround ;-)

This sort of thing will undoubtably be the next 'big' thing to complement the 
existing protectant techniques...


>>>We completed 

>>>preparation and packaging of the PARP inhibitor (a different and superior one
>>>that used by 21CM) on Monday. The drugs should be distributed to several 
>>>ations by the end of next week. The PARP inhibitior is only one of about 

>>>20 drugs used in the protocol. One new addition apparently has the ability to

>>>reverse rigor in humans. This is the first time I have ever observed any drug
>>>to effefctively reverse rigor mortis. 

>>>Mike Darwin,
>>>Cryopreservation Team Leader
>>>Suspended Animation, Inc.


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