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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 18:51:05 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Getting to know our newest and most famous compatriot
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This has nothing to say, unless I missed it, about the cryonics vs cremation 
struggle over Ted Williams. I'm sharing it because honestly I'm not a big fan of
watching sports. I used to play and maybe my not being able to play due to my 
paralysis lessens my interest. Suffice to say when
the news splashed about Williams I didn't know who he was.

I liked this article for simply offering some history about the man. I felt I 
may not be alone among our crowd in not being familiar with him and his 
accomplishments. I also liked some of the statements about him that point toward
his being a lot like what I believe are central

personality traits among our ilk. In other words, independent of thought, 
intelligent ("and a univac brain that held all relevant data on a rival 
pitcher's quirks") and self reliant. You could also call him a baseball 
scienmtist ("Williams treated the game as a science").

I feel confident Williams will win his case and remain suspended. I posted 
yesterday an opinion by a Florida estate litigation expert who said that a 
contract, such as our cryonics organizations require, can and most likely will 
supersede his earlier Will regardless of it stating

cremation as his preference at the time of drafting. This, I feel, is bolstered 
by his having 2 vs 1 children in favor of his remaining suspended.

It is also bolstered by his executor's statement that he agreed to cryonics. 
These three people are closer to him and much more credible regarding his true 
wishes than those saying anything to the contrary. Both the former caregivers 
cannot be trusted because they both have revenge
possible motives toward John Henry Williams for his firing them.

The statements of one of the caregivers is suspect especially because his 
girlfriend, described as "statuesque" and "loving Ted" declined to comment to 
back up her boyfriend's statement regarding cremation and John Henry's alleged 
poor treatment of his father. I feel she knows different

than her boyfriend states. Any statements by former colleagues should be 
discounted for their distance in relationship from him compared to his children 
John Henry and Claudia.

So if you have the time read this article and get to know the man that we will 
owe a great debt of gratitude to for all the free publicity. For additional 
enjoyment see the photo essay here: 

Here is a link to an article where finally they get it partly right saying that 
Ferrel "speculated" the DNA selling scheme. In truth her saying that lie is 
merely her scheme to wiggle herself back into receiving some of the estate Ted 
left her out of.


Here's another idiot mouthing off: 

Here's another get to know him article: 

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