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> Message #19548
> Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 14:19:39 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Jeff Davis <>
> Subject: Question for Rudi Hoffman
> Rudi,
> With all respect to the service providers and reports
> of substantially increased 'website traffic', you're a
> prominent "Show me the money!" (or, alternatively,
> "where the rubber hits the road") guy re cryonics.  So
> how's about an update?  What's your call volume like? 
> How do the callers sound?  How do they compare to past
> populations of callers?
> Best, Jeff Davis
>    "My guess is that people don't yet realize how
>           "handy" an indefinite lifespan will be." 
>                             J Corbally 

Hello, Jeff and others,

First, I love the closing quote on the posting above.  But who is J Cobally?

Re: Answers:

1.  Call and email volume has increased.  We were averaging about 5-10 
inquiries a week.  These last two weeks we have gone to 30 to 40 inquiries 
per week.

2.  As I write these words, I am looking at my 4 foot by 6 foot desk.  
Prospects which are in process, having inquired about life insurance 
coverage, get assigned into red files.  They stay in red files even once I 
answer them, until they get their application in, when they go to blue files. 
 Even as blue files, there is about 2 or 3 month of underwriting. I have 
exactly FIFTY FIVE red files on my desk.  I just counted em.  
No wonder I am feeling stressed!  Not every one of these is a cryonics 
prospect, but all but about 10 are.

3.  Quality of prospects and inquiries remains about the same, with about 60 
or 70 percent of prospects intelligent and serious people.  This leaves 30 or 
40 percent to fall into the other various categories ile.real flaky, students 
without money, 40 year olds still living with mom and dad, etc. 

4.  Excuse me...I got to go to work! LOL!




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