X-Message-Number: 19566
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 02:50:25 EDT
Subject: TIME: Wake Me Up for the Ball Game


Some may want to check-out the last page of this week's TIME Magazine dated 
July 22, 2002.  For a while, this page has been dedicated to a full page 
cartoon each week like the Funny Pages of newspapers.  This one's titled:

"Wake Me Up for the Ball Game"

The first of six "cartoon frames" shows Ted Williams, surrounded by 
technicians in Arizona, being revived in the year 2007.  (You know, this has 
some historical significance and stuff. For instance, 'til now, it had not 
even crossed my mind Ted was suspended in his Red Sox uniform.)

George W. Bush appears by the third frame to welcome Ted. And also to discuss 
a business deal -- taking the opportunity to explain:

"'Commissioner Bush,' as the Harken thing got a
little out of hand.  But hey -- baseball was happy
to have me.  And what's important is: your're back!"

Next frame has -- Ooops. I 'bout blew it.

Don't want to go giving away too much of the plot and stuff...


D.C. Johnson, Raleigh

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